Travel comfortably and care free from your front door

Luggo  travellers have no more stress due to their luggage. Luggo picks up the luggage at home and delivers it at the airport.


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Smart, seamless & sustainable

Our promise: Easy and smooth luggage handling for all travellers. From home pick-up and tracking, to digital assistance for the optimal route between home and the gate. We pick up and check in the luggage at the traveller's home address, then deliver it to the airport or final destination.

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Luggo for

Comfortable travel from your front door to destination.

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Luggo for Airports

Ensure your travelers arrive ready-to-fly at your airport.

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Luggo for Logistics Partners

Unlock a brand new market with high volumes

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At all levels of our service we have taken the necessary measures and precautions to enforce our safety standards.

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Luggo agent in front of the passenger's front door, ready to check-in luggage

Luggo platform and integration

A white label platform built to offer travellers an optimal journey experience without luggage concerns.

Luggo platform  

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Luggo is a trademark of Luggage Care BV