Luggo for airports

Prevent waiting lines for luggage check-in counters. No more liability for lost suitcases, since this is now managed elsewhere.

More travellers with the same capacity

With Luggo you can service more travelers without increasing your terminal capacity.

Future Proof

Our platform can be integrated seamlessly in your existing processes, saving you save significant time, development cost and maintenance cost.

Customer experience 2.0

Distinguish yourself in the rapidly changing market by adding this premium experience to your brand, without the burden of large scale investments.

Additional Revenue Channel

With the Luggo services, the labour intensive part of the check-in is history. Maximise your process efficiency by reducing cost and increasing profit.

Process Optimisation

By expanding your service portfolio with Luggo, you relieve the peak pressure in your processes related to the luggage check-in and transportation.

Our solution

Our platform offers airlines additional revenue on the luggage and the opportunity for additional cross-selling via the Luggo app. Luggo integrates seamlessly into your current operations.

Distant future? It's here now.

Luggo taps into the trend of tomorrow by disrupting the classic luggage handling process at the airport. The key? Separating the luggage and passenger flow to reduce travel and process stress.

Integrate Luggo

Book, manage and control the full luggage check-in process. Track and trace the delivery, to the airport or to the final destination. Our platform can be customised to your organisational designs to ensure the customer will always experience your brand environment.

Luggo for

Comfortable travel from your front door to destination.


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Luggo for Logistics

Unlock a brand new market with high volumes.


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